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A Deadly Message: Excerpt

In Paso Robles, Celine Skye has finally accepted her psychic abilities and is trying desperately to discover clues to the Gardner Museum’s lost art. She’s recovered two of the thirteen works. Eleven more remain outstanding. Can Celine recover them or will death put an end to her efforts?

Here’s another excerpt from my upcoming mystery, Forger of Light. Enjoy!

In 1990, Boston’s Gardner Museum lost three Rembrandts and a Vermeer

Celine has a vision: Inside job. The words were swirling in Celine’s brain, sounding faintly in her ears. She repeated them. An image was coming through.

“He’s connected to the Gardner.”

“Who is, Celine?” Julia’s voice was gentle, careful not to disturb the fragments emerging. They’d done this before. Julia had learned how to guide Celine toward her insights.

“Associated with the museum. Affiliated with it.” Her mind was wandering. She felt her right hand lift up, moving energetically. “Quick strokes that capture an impression. He’s fascinated by that. That’s why he took them.” Her hand moved. Black-and-white images flashed through her mind. “Just a few quick strokes.”

“Celine. . .?” Julia sounded puzzled, worried.

A phone was ringing, its tone getting louder and closer.

“You need to answer that, Celine.”   

Julia? Could she hear the phone ringing in Celine’s trance?

“It’s for you, Celine.”

Celine lifted the receiver, glancing down at it in surprise. It was black, the receiver of an old-fashioned rotary phone.


“Ms. Skye,” the icy voice of the General’s assistant sounded in her ear. “I have a message from the General. He doesn’t want to kill you. But you leave him no choice.”

The ringing continued. 

You must die.

Celine’s eyes snapped open. She stared at the three people in the room with her.

“He wants me dead,” she announced. “The General wants me dead.”

excerpt, Forger of Light

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