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About Me

Author, composer, painter, and homeschooling mom. I’m a former journalist who misuses a Ph.D. in Communication and an M.A. in English to paint intrigue and orchestrate murder.

How did I fall into this line of work? Read on.

Despite being an avid mystery fan, I never thought I’d write one. Until I had an epiphany. The key to a good life may be communication. But the key to a fabulous mystery is . . . miscommunication!

Thanks to my Ph.D., I know something about that . It helps me concoct the intricate puzzles my sleuths solve. My love of research has taken me from Vermeer’s camera and Haydn’s music to dead bodies, blood spatter, and forensics. All of that blends to form a heady concoction readers love.

Not a fan of hard encounters with reality, I take care to tone down the gory details in my stories. So sit back and enjoy the ride! I can promise you a riveting read.