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In Joseph Haydn’s world, music can be deadly.
In Sunny California, three ordinary women face murder.
Two Complimentary Mysteries Just For You!
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Meet Joseph Haydn and Celine Skye. He’s an eighteenth-century composer who’s seen more than his fair share of corpses. She’s a twenty-first-century psychic who’d prefer not to sense or encounter violent death.

But when murder comes calling, these amateur sleuths will do whatever it takes to stop it in its tracks.

Join Celine Skye in her quest to bring fresh insights into the infamous Gardner Museum heist in Forger of Light. And walk the cobblestone streets of Europe with composer and sleuth Joseph Haydn.

One Author. Two Fantastic Series!

Joseph Haydn Mystery 5

When murder goes onstage, scandal isn’t far behind. . .

Sophie’s Adventure 2

In Sleepy Hollow, a brazen art thief targets a priceless Monet

Celine Skye Mystery 2

Psychic Celine Skye sheds new light on the Gardner theft . . .