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New Release: The Baker’s Boy: A Young Haydn Story

I’m excited to let you know that Day of the Dark, the anthology that includes my young Haydn story, “A Baker’s Boy,” along with 23 other fantastic stories, is finally available. Set in Vienna, the story is in many ways an exploration of faith:

Day of the Dark

When Haydn, a struggling young composer, learns his brother has eclipsed him by obtaining a lucrative position as a member of a wealthy prelate’s orchestra, his world is overturned. Hoping to reverse his fortunes, he purchases a small scrap of linen, torn apparently from the Lord’s Shroud.

But when the baker’s boy, who’s also purchased a piece of the same shroud, is arrested for murdering his master, Haydn’s faith wavers. Can a scrap of linen save an innocent boy from the gallows, and Haydn from a life in the Church? Or are the baker’s boy and his own musical ambitions equally condemned to die?

The  book is available from the publisher Wildside Press as well as Amazon

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