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Haydn in Camera?

Did Haydn ever look through a camera obscura? Darkened rooms with a pinhole to allow light in have been used since ancient times to safely watch solar eclipses. Portable tent-type camera obscuras with an arrangement of convex lenses and mirrors … Continue reading

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A Young Haydn Mystery

Did the baker’s boy kill his master? Haydn thinks he did not, but will the young composer find a way to save the boy from the gallows? “The Baker’s Boy,” a young Haydn Mystery, was first published in Kaye George’s … Continue reading

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Haydn’s Rehearsal Notes

This is the FREE ebook you’ll get when you preorder Prussian Counterpoint, the third Joseph Haydn Mystery. From sleigh rides and diamonds to coded letters and black chamber operations, you’ll get the inside scoop on this Joseph Haydn Mystery was … Continue reading

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Spy Techniques: A Housewife’s Primer

How to be a Spy! Good housewives, rejoice! It turns out your skills could get you hired by an intelligence agency. Or at least they could have in the eighteenth century. Read the Good Housewife’s Primer for Effective Spies to … Continue reading

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