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Anna’s Potion: An 18th-Century Valentine’s Day Murder Mystery

Annakirche, Wien

July 26, 1768: The Feast Day of St. Anna, the mother of the Virgin Mary. The Emperor Leopold’s firstborn son, Joseph, was born shortly after a hand purported to belong to the saint was brought to Vienna. I would imagine that it was from that time that St. Anna and her feast day became associated with love in Austria.

As you know, Haydn had a troubled relationship with his own Anna. So, what if on her name day, the Feast Day of St. Anna, Maria Anna were accused of murder? Would that bring the couple closer? Anna’s Potion is a new Haydn Mystery Story published in Kings River Life Magazine.  Click on the title or image to read it in its entirety or keep reading to see the blurb.

To the people of Eisenstadt, Joseph Haydn is more than just a composer. He’s also a detective.

Until his wife, Maria Anna, brews a love potion that kills a local silversmith. Then not even the Bürgermeister wants Haydn on the case.

Haydn persists, but proving Maria Anna’s innocence is no easy matter.

Can Haydn save his wife or is he doomed to lose her forever on the day of love? A Valentine’s Day Murder Mystery you’ll love.

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