What Lay Under the Wig: A Question from a Reader

Haydn wore wigs. We know that. David Wyn Jones writes that he was “certainly” the last great composer to have worn one. Mozart and Beethoven only wore wigs on occasion. But what lay beneath the wig? A shaved head or a head full of hair?

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A Crocodile in a Mystery?

Why not? Some years ago, my husband told me about a woman in Southern California who’d been discovered in possession of a Nile crocodile. She’d kept the creature as a pet in her backyard.

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Haydn on the Case on Jungle Red Writers

Do writers of historical mysteries need to bother with forensic investigative techniques? Please join me on Jungle Red Writers as I debate the issue with a very snarky skeptic. And, do leave a comment to  let me know what you think.

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