Armchair Detective: The Body in the Church

Test Your Forensic IQ: The scene of a crime can tell a seasoned detective a number of things about the type of killing. These initial conjectures, hypotheses and questions give direction to the investigation.

Now, it’s your turn to play Armchair Detective.

Take a look at the case below. What do you notice? What are some initial conjectures you could test? What questions should you be asking?

Note your thoughts in the comments below:

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Haydn in Camera?

Did Haydn ever look through a camera obscura? Darkened rooms with a pinhole to allow light in have been used since ancient times to safely watch solar eclipses.

Portable tent-type camera obscuras with an arrangement of convex lenses and mirrors were well known by the seventeenth century. The lens would have made the image brighter by allowing more light in.

And by the eighteenth century, box-type camera obscuras were being manufactured on a mass scale as well!

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A Young Haydn Mystery

Did the baker’s boy kill his master? Haydn thinks he did not, but will the young composer find a way to save the boy from the gallows?

The Baker’s Boy,” a young Haydn Mystery, was first published in Kaye George’s eclipse-centered anthology, Day of the Dark.

It’s up on Kings River Life now as a Free Read!

If you’re reading Prussian Counterpoint, you’ll recognize Hans, the baker’s boy. He gets a mention in Haydn’s third case.

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Wine Demystified!

This past weekend we visited the San Antonio Winery in Los Angeles. The winery is 101 years old and produces 87 different types of wines. Initially the grapes came from vineyards in the surrounding areas—Pasadena and Burbank.

These days they come from vineyards in Napa, Monterey, and increasingly from Paso Robles, a beautiful little city in San Luis Obispo County. Believe it or not, little Paso Robles is the wine capital of the United States.

This picturesque city has had vineyards since the 1790s. When Haydn was at the height of his fame in the Old World, Franciscan Friars were introducing vineyards and winemaking in the New World.

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