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When Murder Strikes. . .

The Kapellmeister must don the role of Kapell-detective yet again

I’m delighted to announce that Aria to Death, A Joseph Haydn Mystery, is now available for Pre-order. Buy from Amazon, Kobo, iTunes, or Nook.

When Haydn receives a request from his friend Kaspar to evaluate a collection of scores reputed to be the long-lost operas of Monteverdi, he’s intrigued. Until he receives a similar request from the Empress Maria Theresa.

Skeptical of the value of Kaspar’s bequest, Haydn nevertheless offers to help. But before he can evaluate the music, Kaspar is murdered—brutally beaten and left to die in front of a wine tavern.

Was Kaspar murdered for his bequest? And can Haydn find the true operas and the man willing to kill for them?

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