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The Pompadour Necklace

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A valuable heirloom; a suspected fraudster; and a woman determined to outwit him. London comes alive in this compelling tale . . . Treat yourself to the first of Sophie’s Adventures!

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  • Includes Bonus Excerpts & 50% Off Coupon


The necklace had once belonged to Madame Pompadour—mistress of the French King Louis XV.

Now it’s gone. Stolen by a clever conman. And it will take every ounce of determination and ingenuity a young woman possesses to recover it.

But can a mere girl from Calais outwit a practiced fraudster?

Contains Bonus Excerpts and a 50% Off Coupon!

Customer reviews

  1. Jw


  2. Nupur Tustin

    You’re most welcome! I hope you enjoyed the story.

  3. Betsy (verified owner)

    Really enjoyed this intro to a new series by this very talented author. Already an FBI officer, Sophie is recruited to trap a jewelry thief and his fence. Sophie is immersed into the techniques and dangers of an undercover agent, enticing and trapping the thief who is dangerously close to turning over
    a priceless necklace to a fence where it would be lost forever through the underground art world where it would be lost forever. The story was quick and enjoyable, and it was fun following Sophie through her training and victory. Looking forward to more of Sophie’s adventures in the art world.

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