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Murder Backstage

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Does a killer lurk backstage in Vienna’s opera theater? Only Joseph Haydn can find out . . . Book 4 in the sumptuous Joseph Haydn Mystery series.

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When the impresario of Vienna’s Burgtheater is murdered, Haydn is forced to oversee the opera theater’s productions. But confronted by disturbing behavior backstage, Haydn has the nagging suspicion that all is not well.  Could Leopold Mozart, the man apprehended for the crime, be the true culprit? Or is someone at the Burgtheater a killer in disguise? Convinced of Leopold’s innocence, Haydn can’t rest easy until he uncovers the truth.

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“Tustin orchestrates a concerto of intrigue and deception . . .”
– Anna Lee Huber, Lady Darby Mysteries

“A standout in the genre of historical mysteries . . .”
– Midwest Book Reviews

Customer reviews

  1. Betsy

    This latest Joseph Haydn mystery is a delightful read. This very talented author is able to put the reader into an historical period full of fabulous composers, musicians, producers, and production of wonderful music. Again, we are in the City of Vienna in the middle 1700’s where the famous composer Joseph Haydn is the Kapellmeister—Director of Music—to the powerful Esterházy Princes. The detail is amazing. Not only is there political drama, court intrigue, and, of course, murder, we are also preparing meals, shopping, working, and actually sharing in the lives of the people of this time. I absolutely love historical mysteries, and this series is just amazing. If you have read any of the previous stories, you know that Joseph Haydn is, among other talents, an accomplished sleuth who, with his brother Johann, follow the clues and end up on the trail of the murderer. Always, just when Joseph closes in on a theory or a suspect, an event or circumstance occurs that changes everything and sends him in another direction. Politics is a huge part of this era and Joseph has to pit himself against powerful people of the time in his pursuit of justice, not considered a particularly important position to take. Much more important to use heresay, jail the individual suspected, and then close the books. I hope that we are to keep following the Kapellmeister in more of his adventures.

  2. Carol

    Since I have only this book in the series, I’m trying to figure out everyone’s character, but it’s a good read, if you’re able to read the first 3 in series it’ll make a nice set.

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