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A Minor Deception


When his violinist disappears, Kapellmeister Joseph Haydn must confront a disturbing truth . . . Book 1 in the sumptuous Joseph Haydn Mystery series.

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Joseph Haydn’s newly hired virtuoso is nothing but trouble. But when he disappears—although no one seems to care—Haydn is uneasy. Bartó’s abrupt departure comes just weeks before Empress Maria Theresa’s visit. Compelled to investigate, Haydn uncovers a treacherous deception. One that could turn a minor musical mishap into a major political catastrophe.

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“Intricately researched and cleverly plotted . . .”
– Anna Lee Huber, Lady Darby Mysteries

“A wonderful tour de force . . . Elegantly written and plotted . . .”
– Emily Brightwell, NYT Bestselling Author, Mrs. Jeffries Series


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