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Prussian Counterpoint, the third Joseph Haydn Mystery, is now available for preorder.

When an enemy makes overtures of friendship, is anyone safe?

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  1. Betsy A Hazel says:

    I received a free copy of this book to pre-read before publishing. I enjoyed it thoroughly just as I had the previous two books in the series of three by this author. Mysteries are my favorite genre and period pieces my second favorite so I was very happy when this series came out. The one criticism I have after reading all three books in the series is this: because of the time period and the fact that the characters were addressed by multiple names/titles depending upon who it was that was addressing them, it might be advantageous to the reader if the author were to place a chart listing each character with their multiple forms of address and their relationship to each other at the front of the book in order that the reader might be able to keep better track of who was who and the story might flow better for the reader.

  2. Nupur says:

    Glad to hear you enjoyed the book, Betsy. And, yes, you make a good suggestion. I did include a cast of characters for the first novel, then omitted to do it for the second and third. I wasn’t sure how much it really helped. So it’s nice to get a reader’s perspective, especially one familiar with the series.

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