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An Arrest and a Kiss

Enjoy mysteries spiced with a dash of romance? Well, here’s one that ends with an arrest and a kiss!

I pride myself on being able to write pretty much anything, but I must confess romance doesn’t come easily to me. Haydn my first protagonist was already married—albeit not happily–when he became a detective, and I was relieved about that.

Celine my second protagonist isn’t married, and I haven’t decided whether she ever will marry or not. I certainly haven’t placed her in any romantic situations, although Special Agent Blake Markham is certainly attracted to her.

Of course, taking on the decades-old Gardner Museum heist is quite an undertaking and leaves little room for romance.  Truth to tell, I haven’t found an appropriate romantic partner for Celine. Someday a character will come along who’ll be just right.

Sophie’s had an unfortunate love life. She was engaged to a man who turned out to be a conman and a thief. One can understand why she takes on such people in her undercover missions. Having been taken advantage of herself, she’s not above using seduction to gain her ends, although she’s made uncomfortable by it.

However when Theft in Sleepy Hollow begins, Sophie is actually looking forward to an adventure in Paris. Not an undercover adventure, but one in which she and her friend Nicole find romance. Nothing serious; just some harmless flirtation and dancing.

Imagine her dismay when the Commandant—she works at a police station in Calais—informs her she’s to give up her vacation and travel to Sleepy Hollow instead.

For one thing, the place sounds like a sleepy village in England populated by cat-loving, gossipy spinsters. When she finds out what exactly it is, Sophie isn’t much impressed by the real Sleepy Hollow either.

Then there’s the headless horseman—her cousin’s chauffeur in Calais seems to know all about the legend.

At the workshop she’s supposed to attend with her English “Uncle Arthur”, none of the men seem promising either. The only person Sophie is remotely interested in turns out to “play for the other team,” as her undercover colleague, “Uncle Arthur,” informs her.

But for those of you who like a bit of romance with your mystery, I have good news. The book ends with an arrest and a kiss!

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