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Read Excerpts from A Minor Deception: A Joseph Haydn Mystery

Interested in reading a series of excerpts to get a feel for my debut mystery? Well, you’re in luck. Goddess Fish Promotions is hosting a two-week Excerpt Tour for me starting January 2. Every blog hosting me will post an excerpt from A Minor Deception.

Read on for blog names and tour dates:

Jan 2:  Book Giveaways:  Two Violinists Clash
Jan 3:  Rogue’s Angels: Haydn Overhears a Strange Conversation
Jan 4:  Edgar’s Books: Rosalie’s Suspicions
Jan 5: Books, Dreams, LifeThe Paranoid Violinist
Jan 6:  Jane ReadsMaria Anna Voices an Opinion
Jan 9:  Fabulous & BrunetteA Bit of Gossip
Jan 10: The Silver Dagger ScriptoriumHaydn Receives a Threat
Jan 11:  T’s StuffWhat did Barto do?
Jan 12:  Straight from the LibraryRahier Collars Haydn
Jan 13: The Avid Reader: Barto is Missing
Jan 3:  Long and Short Reviews: Did Barto Leave or Was He. . . ?
Jan 10: Welcome to My World of DreamsRahier’s Strange Reluctance

I hope you’ll join me on this trip. Putting this together was almost as much fun as writing the book. As I selected scenes to share with you, I imagined myself putting together a movie trailer. The scenes I selected, despite being excerpts, needed to form a coherent narrative. I think I did a good job, and I’d love to hear what you think.

A Minor Deception is Available at: 

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