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Taste of Murder

Get a taste of Haydn’s sleuthing abilities with this free mystery story written just for you. 

A Whiff of Murder

A Whiff of Murder,” one of only two Haydn short stories written so far,  is set in the summer of 1767. Haydn, having established his detecting skills in A Minor Deception, has become something of a hero to the town authorities of Eisenstadt. So, when the local baker reports his wife missing–she was seen leaving for the bakery, but apparently never returned home–the Burgermeister, flummoxed by the case, sends the baker to Haydn.

When Haydn discovers the missing woman’s bloodstained sheet and mattress, it’s clear to him that a murder has taken place. But where is the corpse? And is the baker’s wife, a woman who’s been straying from the marital bed, the unfortunate victim of a crime? Or an absconding murderess?

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