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guppy_logo_225_buttonWhether you’re actively seeking an agent or not, you’ll find AgentInsight, the column I write for First Draft, the SinC Guppies newsletter, useful. In each issue, a panel of agents discusses a topic of interest to writers: from what agents look for in a writing sample to the placement of the murder; from choosing the right agent to writing a marketing plan.

I’ve learned a lot about the publishing world since working on this column. I’m sure you will, too. Drop me a line, if you’d like to suggest a topic for the column.

May 2016: When a Series is Orphaned_
Editors Matt Martz, Kendel Lynn, Martin Biro, and Terri Bischoff join agents Sandy Harding and Paula Munier to explain why moving to another publisher can be difficult, and how you can re-build your career.

March 2016: The Return of the MS.
Is prior submission history a deal-breaker for an agent? Not necessarily, say Rebecca Scherer, Jill Marsal, Stephany Evans, Dawn Dowdle, Melissa Jeglinski, and Paula Munier.

November 2015: The Surprising Truth About Prologues
Do prologues lead to automatic rejection? Agents Sandy Harding, Elizabeth Kracht, Jill Marsal, Rachel Ekstrom, Margaret Bail, and Jessica Faust dispel this myth.

September 2015:  Marketing Your Way to Success
Agents Peter Rubie, Paige Wheeler, Lucienne Diver, Paige Wheeler, Gina Panettieri, and the Knight Agency’s Marketing Director, Jia Gayles explain what you need to do.

July 2015:   Who the (Bleep) Did I Sign With?
In your quest to be a published author, should you settle for just any agent?
Agents Christina Hogrebe, Jessica Faust, Paula Munier, Sandra Bond, Mandy Hubbard, Lucienne Diver, and Lisa Gallagher tell you how to find the right agent.

May 2015:   Timing a Murder
Do bodies need to drop by page 50 of your manuscript?
Agents Janet Reid, Sandra Bond, Kim Lionetti, Peter Rubie, Dawn Dowdle, Priya Doraswamy, and Rachel Brooks discuss the question.

March 2015: Cozy or Traditional: What’s in a Name?
Confused by genre categories? You’re not alone.
Agents Jessica Faust, Jill Marsal, Paige Wheeler, Paula Munier, and Priya Doraswamy talk about the subtle differences between these two categories. 

January 2015: How to Get an Agent to Ask for More
What do agents look for in a partial?
Agents Stephany Evans, Kim Lionetti, Jessica Faust, Gina Panettieri, and Doug Grad reveal how to hook an agent into reading the rest of the MS.